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FLXible Solution for Tilfest Lighting Control

FLXible Solution for Tilfest Lighting Control

The new Zero 88 FLX lighting console by Eaton made a massive difference to the power and control that lighting designer Guy Thatcher had at his fingertips on the main stage at the 2015 Tilfest event in Cambridgeshire.

Technical production, including all lighting and sound, for Tilfest 2015 was provided by Phantom Power headed by Clive Nicholes, a Cambridgeshire based rental and production company supplying festivals, live events, dance and theatre shows. The FLX console is a new purchase by Phantom Power that was supplied via Impact Products in Northampton. Thatcher first saw the FLX in action at a Zero 88 product information day Phantom Power already owned a Zero 88 Solution console, which everyone liked, but when Thatcher received the FLX demo, it really stood out as a desk more suited to their needs. Shortly after, Clive was persuaded to make the investment.


Posted on: 28/10/2015Categories: News from TPi Magazine

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