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Bergen Backline
Address: Bjornsons Gate 29
+47(0)452 84 569
Contacts: Arild GertzØyvind DahleMartin M Holmes


Bergen Backline is a professional backline company with a wide range of accessories for your concert, tour or festival.

We have a large selection of guitar and bass amplifiers, drums, stage pianos, synths, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, racks, transformers and anything else you need to perform. You can pick up the equipment at our warehouse or have the everything transported to and from the venue. If desired, we can also rig up at delivery and rig down at pickup, just let us know when booking.

Of course, Bergen Backline also provides technician services. All of Bergen's most experienced backline technicians can be found in our staff.


Backline & Musical Instrument Hire