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KYOTO Recording Studio
Address: Larkins Farm
199 Nine Ashes Road


Get ready for an awe-inspiring and totally immersive music experience.

The KYOTO recording studio is a beautiful, unique and world-class residential recording studio, nestled in the stunning 22 - acre Larkins farm in Essex, just 15 minutes drive from Shenfield station.

Having spent decades in recording studios we know what’s needed to make great music – we’ve used this extensive know-how to design an unrivalled creative space.

We’ve combined old school brilliance with our analogue MCI 500 Rev D console, previously owned by John Entwhistle from The Who, alongside the latest tech.

As a passionate lover of all things drums, Glen has created this studio with recording drums at the very heart. Including a very special innovation : introducing … the Drumbrella™.

The Drumbrella uses dynamic acoustics to create different sounds – without the usual instrumental upheaval and costly delays. In its lowest position the Drumbrella, surrounded by baffles creates a tight sound, then by inching it up you can totally change the character of the recording until you get the openness and ‘room’ sound you desire.

Having spent years in a studio we know there can be costly delays when reconfiguring instruments – we’ve done everything we can to make this studio as time efficient and fun as possible.

As well as boasting a top spec studio you can also lose yourself at Larkins Farm and enjoy every moment:
- Accommodation available on site for up to 9 people
- An outdoor tennis court
- Swimming pool
- Jacuzzi for 6 people
- Outdoor BBQ area
- 22 acres of outdoor space to roam and chill-out
- A golf driving range
- Our pet peacock called Flash 5 (no, seriously)
- Large car parking space
- Everything is decadent, other than the price.

Come to the tranquil British countryside, step away from the stresses of life and make some wonderful, ear-bleedingly loud music. Everyone is welcome – all managers, labels, bands, publishers, singers, producers and songwriters.

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